Departmental Summaries

Below are links to discussion documents for each of the departments within the City.  City Council and staff in each department have begun a budgeting process using priority-based budgeting (PBB).  The first two steps in PBB is to identify the programs (services) within each department and how much time is spent on each of these programs.  The goal over time is for the City Council and staff to identify the priority program within each department and dedicate resources to the highest priority programs.

In addition, the departmental documents reflects some of the key initiatives and goals within each department and key issues that may have been discussed during the formulation of the 2023 budget.

2023 Administration

2023 Airport

2023 Assessor

2023 Building Department

2023 City Attorney

2023 Communications

2023 Community Development

2023 Finance Department

2023 Fire

2023 General Government

2023 Human Resources

2023 Liquor

2023 Mayor and Council

2023 Park and Facilities

2023 Police Department

2023 Runestone Community Center

2023 Street and Stormwater





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