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It is the Mission of the Alexandria Police Department to create and maintain a Partnership with the Community it serves in order to provide police services beyond expectations, as well as an opportunity for citizen involvement. It is our goal to maintain professionalism with pride, enrichment to employees, fairness and consistency to the public, and maintain an environment to which every citizens’ rights will be protected and reserved in the quest for peace and safety for all.



In 1871, the first town constable was John Paulson.
In 1877, the City of Alexandria was founded.
In 1880, the first Night Watchman, John Hughes, was paid $1/night.
In 1888, the TF Cowings Opera House at 7th and Main was purchased by the City for $4,400 to be used for the Police Department and fire apparatus on the north side entrance. Later, in 1960, the Ed Thompson service station (south of the old hall) was purchased for $24,000 for the police and fire hall.


1st Police Chief Minor Sweet (pictured to the right)
Served 1907. Learn More about Police Chief Minor Sweet…

In 1907, the first curfew ordinance was established. Under 16-years of age could not be out at night between the hours of 9 p.m.- 6 a.m. A fine of $10 was given on the second occurrence.


In April 1921, the penalty for prohibition of alcohol was a fine of not less than $50 or more than $100, plus imprisonment of no more than 90 days.

In April 1923, it was approved to advertise for dogcatcher to enforce the dog tax ordinance.


In May of 1940, the Police Department received permission from City Council to purchase a finger-printing outfit for $30.


March 1950, the Police Department consisted of Chief and 5 patrolmen

In June 1955, the bid for a radio system was accepted from General Electric in the amount of $3848 plus one additional mobile station at the cost of $483.34


12 minute meters for parking were installed on the north side of 7th Avenue East between Broadway and no parking area in February of 1964.

In February of 1966, a new patrol car was purchased from Steinbring Chevrolet in Alexandria at the cost of $1,091.12.

In 1968, Police Civil Service Commission action was taken to relax requirement that officers reside in the city.

October 1969, there was a total of 10 officers, including the Chief and Captain.

1971 Honda Police Bike on display in our lobby. Learn More about the Honda Police Bike…


In 1988, the Alexandria Police Department contributed one full time officer to the Drug Task Force.


In 2003, Captain Rick Wyffels attended the National FBI Academy.

In 2005, the Alexandria Police Department seized a Ford Mustang in an investigation which resulted in the subsequent forfeiture from a DWI. It hit the road as a squad in February 2007 and is used by the School Resource Officer.

In 2006, there were 20 officers which was comprised of a Chief, a Captain, and 3 Sergeants, and 15 Officers.

The Alexandria Police Department takes approximately 16,500 police calls on average each year. With that, 1,009 are arrest offenses and there is a solvability rate of 62 percent.


On June 1st, 2011, the Police Department moved into their new headquarters at 501 3rd Avenue West. The cost of the new building was $5.1 million including all furnishings to include technology, chairs, tables and desks.

In 2012, the Alexandria Police Department conducted a Citizens Police Academy. 16 citizens were chosen from an application process to participate in a 7-week program.

Past Police Chiefs

1st Police Chief – Minor Sweet – Served 1907

Chief RL Johnson – 1908

Chief William Schaekel – June 1908

Chief Lawfman – October 1909

Chief RL Johnson – March 1914 (appointed as Chief a second time)

Chief James Watters – Served from 1921 – 1922

Chief C.A. Olsen – Served 1923

Chief Charlie Watters – Served 1924 – 1927

Chief Ben Whitney – Served from 1928 – 1929

Chief Jerry Callaghan – Served 1930

Chief Charlie Watters – Served 1931- 1934

Chief Elon Hanson – Served 1935 – 1958

Chief Les Loch – Served 1959 – 1965

Chief George McKay – Served 1966 – 1986

Chief Charles Nettestad – Served 1986 – 2006

Chief Richard Wyffels – Served 2006 to 2020

Chief Scott Kent – Served 2020 – Current

2017 Statistics

License Police Officers – 24

Calls for Service – 20,000

Traffic Stops by Officers – 4,200

Domestic Violence Calls – 225

DUI Arrests – 95

Vehicles Forfeited – 20

Theft Charges – 175

Traffic Accidents (all types – ) 1,050

Felony Arrests – 375

Gross Misdemeanor Arrests – 340

Misdemeanor Arrests – 760

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