Building Department

The City of Alexandria Building Department is responsible for administrating the Minnesota State Building Code.


Building and related permits ensure that projects will be constructed according to nationally recognized standards. Those standards are designed to protect buildings from collapse and fire, and to ensure the safety of all building components. Review of permit applications also ensures that projects meet zoning requirements, such as yard coverage, setbacks and building height and size.

Some permits, such as minor plumbing, heating, re-roofing, and re-siding, as well as window replacements can be issued at the time of application. Other residential permit applications may take up to five working days to review and process. Applications should be submitted for review well in advance of the scheduled start date. This will allow staff time to offer assistance through the process and issue the permit at the start of the project.

Building Code Enforcement – 2023


Various inspections are required for all permits. An inspection record card will be issued to identify the required inspections for each project. This inspection record card must remain available and posted visible from the street. Inspection requests are made through the Building Department at city hall, and generally require a minimum of 24 hour notice. The direct line for inspection requests is 320-763-6678.

Department Staff

Lynn Timm
Building Official
Mike Schmidt
Building Inspector
Steve Zabel
Building Inspector
Pamela Helling
Planning, Zoning & Building Technician