Comprehensive Plan – “Alexandria – 2040”

Comprehensive Plan – Alexandria – 2040

Alexandria 2040 is a set of interconnected vision and policy ideas that the community lifted up during the more than two-year engagement process. These community ideas helped the City establish priorities and is guiding how our community develops over the next 20 years. The document includes 15 goals that articulate the Plan’s intent with an overarching theme: Alexandria’s growth must be managed so the city works for everyone.

The Plan features eight policies and four areas of focus outlining ways to achieve these goals. It also features additional goals specifically relating to land use, transportation, and community facilities.

The Future Land Use map guides land use for every parcel in the city. Any changes to the use of land must be consistent with the guidance of the Future Land Use Map. Other planning maps include Parks and Trails, Community Facilities, etc. The City of Alexandria’s Zoning Ordinance and Zoning map reflect the guidance of the Future Land Use and other planning maps, and are part of the means by which Alexandria 2040 is being implemented.

Alexandria 2040 guides future growth for the city. It is not an instruction book, but rather a tool to frame our growth, set direction, and give high-level guidance. This Plan will be used to inform future ordinances, zoning code revisions, and our strategic Plan, among other items.

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