Assessor Office

The Assessing Department directs and manages the valuation and classification of all real property in the City, consistent with Minnesota Statutes and acceptable assessment practices with the goal of excellence in accuracy, transparency, and efficiency. Core Duties:

  • View, physically inspect, measure and value parcels of property in accordance with a five year viewing plan and as otherwise necessary.
  • Review building permits, inspect new construction to establish valuations for tax purposes.
  • Prepare information for the annual Local Board of Appeal and Equalization and represent the City at the local and county processes as needed.
  • Answer questions from the general public, private appraisers, realtors, and/or City employees regarding ownership, property characteristics, assessment laws, property classification and the valuation process (both verbally and in report form) and develop tax estimates.
  • Analyze, compare, and maintain current sales data on all classes of property for support of the assessment, prepare and analyze sales ratio reports and neighborhood trends and annually adjust valuations accordingly to assure a uniform and equalized assessment.
  • Advise the City Administrator and City Council on matters of tax levy impacts, proposed tax legislation, value issues relating to proposed purchases and leases of real estate, and significant issues or developments in the field of assessing.
  • Represent the City in tax court legal proceedings and/or appeals.
  • Prepare value estimates for TIF projects and supply data to the Economic Development Director for TIF reporting.
  • Keep the public informed of legal requirements and policies related to property assessment, represent the City at meetings of the City Council, citizen groups, and State Board of Equalization when necessary or appropriate.
  • Establish, maintain, and assign addresses within the City’s addressing system, in coordination with the County’s E-911 system address administrator.
  • Prepare long-range plans and annual forecasts to create a strategic context for evaluating the City’s annual budget and for measuring the long-term effect of budgetary decisions.


Department Staff

Reed Heidelberger
City Assessor

Dept Contact Info

Phone: 320-763-6678
704 Broadway Street, Alexandria, MN 56308