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2-Mile Radius Commerical Permit

2-Mile Radius Residential Permit

Addendum A – CUP

Addendum B – Map Amendment

Addendum C – Variance

Addendum D – Land Use Request

Addendum E – Land Use Request

Alexandria Fire Department Fire Suppression – Detection System Permit

City Commercial New Construction Building Permits

City Residential New Construction Permits

Commercial-Residential (Addition/Deck/Garage/Remodel/Shed) Building Permit

Dog License/Permit

Fence Permit Application

Grading And Filling Permit

Land Use Application

Map #1 – Big Ole Central Park-2nd Ave

(use this map if your event will be in Big Ole Central Park and/or 2nd Avenue)

Map #2 – Central Lakes Trail

(use this map if your event will be using the Central Lakes Trail)

Map #3 – Fairgrounds and 3rd to 15th Aves

(use this map for parades)

Map #4 – Downtown Area

(use this map if your event will be in the downtown area)

Map #5 – RCC floor plan

(use this map for events that take place inside the RCC)

Mechanical Permit

Plumbing Permit

Reshingle/Reside/Windows Building Permit

Right-of-Way Permit – Driveway/Sidewalk

Right-of-Way Permit – Utility

Shoreland Alteration Permit Application

Shoreland Alteration Permit Information

Sign Permit Application

Special Event Permit

fill out this application if you are having an event in the City.

Special Event Permit – Alcohol Supplemental Form

Subdivision Ordinance Application

Amend Ch 10. Conditional Use

Bikes on Sidewalks

Riding bicycles should be done in the street or on designated bicycle or multi-use paths.

Home Rule Charter Amended

Home Rule Charter of the City of Alexandria

Ordinance 544

2005 Fee Schedule

Ordinance 545

Off Street Parking Requirements

Ordinance 546

Shoreland Lot Area and Width Requirements

Ordinance 547

Amendments and Conditional Use Permits

Ordinance 548

Prohibited Signs

Ordinance 549

Storm Water Drainage Utility Adjustment of Charges

Ordinance 550


Ordinance 551

Change Handicap to Disability Advisory Commission

Ordinance 552

Rezoning certain areas west of Broadway Street, between 12th and 14th Avenues

Ordinance 553

Rezoning certain areas east of the intersection of Nokomis Street and 22nd Avenue East

Ordinance 554

Rezoning certain areas along the south side of 30th Avenue East

Ordinance 555

Rezoning Heritage Industrial Park property

Ordinance 556

Sidewalk Cafes

Ordinance 557

Rezoning Old Fingerhut Building on Aga Drive

Ordinance 558

Clarify Standards Regarding Placement and Use of Recreational Vehicles and Equipment

Ordinance 559

Update Fee Schedule to Amend Fireworks and Add Sidewalk Cafe

Ordinance 560

Tree Preservation

Ordinance 561

Planned Unit Development

Ordinance 562

Annexing property located along CR 82 (Karl)

Ordinance 563

Annexing property located along west side of CR 44 (Baxter/Barkus)

Ordinance 564

Annexing property located along the west side of CR 45 (Wagner)

Ordinance 565

Annexing property located along the south side of T.H. 27 (Golden Oak Investments - Zacher)

Ordinance 566

Annexing Property Located East of T.H. 29 and South of I-94 (Moe)

Ordinance 567

Annexing Property Located East of T.H. 29 and South of I-94 (Feda

Ordinance 568

Amending City Code Section 4 Regarding Tobacco Licensing

Ordinance 569

An Ordinance Vacating A Portion of 4th Avenue East and Oak Street

Ordinance 570

Wine Licenses Amendment

Ordinance 571

Amending Ordinance 569 - Vacating A Portion Fourth Avenue and Oak Street

Ordinance 572

Billboard Sign Moratorium

Ordinance 573

Annexing property along the east side of Pleasant Drive (Seth)

Ordinance 574

Amending Ordinance 566 (Moe) for the purposes of more particular legal description

Ordinance 575

Amending Ordinance 567 (Feda) for a more particular legal description

Ordinance 576

Amend Section 10.03, Subd. 5(F) relating to off-street parking

Ordinance 577

Special Vehicle Use Permit

Ordinance 578

An Ordinance Establishing a Fee Schedule for Various Licenses and Permits

Ordinance 579

Billboard Regulations

Ordinance 580

Hours of Operations for Massage Parlors

Ordinance 581

Revising the Boundaries for Wards I, II, and III

Ordinance 582

Vacating a Portion of Second Avenue in "Lake Side Addition"

Ordinance 583

Updating Various Water and Sewer Connection Charges

Ordinance 584

Vacate Utility Easement in the Plat of "Fifth Addition Airport Industrial Park"

Ordinance 585

Annexing Property Located Along the West Side of CSAH 45 (HVEZDA)

Ordinance 586

Amending Chapters 10 & 11 Relating to Definitions, Permitted & Conditional Uses

Ordinance 587

Mayor and City Council Compensation

Ordinance 588

Amending Section 5.08 Regarding Rental Registration

Ordinance 589

Regarding the Application of MN Stat. 617 - Adult Only Businesses

Ordinance 590

Amending City Code Chapter 9.55 Subd 1.E. and Subd 5.J. Regarding Junk Cars

Ordinance 591

Taxi Cab Drivers License

Ordinance 592

Billboard Signs Moratorium

Ordinance 592 – re-adopted

Billboard Sign Moratorium

Ordinance 593

Beer License Fees

Ordinance 594

Refuse License Fee

Ordinance 595

Fee Schedule

Ordinance 596

Annexing Property Along CSAH 45 (P&J Landholders)

Ordinance 597

Annexing Property Along CSAH 82 (Ferguson)

Ordinance 598

Alley Vacation - 9th/10th Avenue and Broadway/Fillmore

Ordinance 599

Alley Vacation - 2nd/3rd Avenues and Broadway/Hawthorne

Ordinance 600

Fee Schedule Amendment

Ordinance 601

Antique Firearms

Ordinance 602

Amending Section 10.24, Relating to Signs

Ordinance 603

Moratorium Extension - Video Display Billboards

Ordinance 604

Amending Ord. 597 (Ferguson Annexation)

Ordinance 605

Regulating Retail and Commercial Business Parking Lots

Ordinance 606

Junk Cars (Typographic Correction)

Ordinance 607

Freking Annexation - Evergreen Acres, 2nd Addition

Ordinance 608

Annexing property south of I-94 (Nadeau)

Ordinance 609

Amending Section 10.04 Sub 2 - Rezoning in the Comprehensive Plan

Ordinance 610

Iterim Ordinance extending the study period and moratorium on electronic billboard signs

Ordinance 611

Vacating a portion of Aga Drive

Ordinance 612

Vacating Part of Oak Drive North Street

Ordinance 613

Amending Section 10.24 Relating to Signs

Ordinance 614

Fee Schedule

Ordinance 615

Parking Lot Violations

Ordinance 616

Amending 5.06 MN State Fire Code

Ordinance 617

Rezoning Certain Areas in the Plat of "Heritage Industrial Park"

Ordinance 618

Rezoning Areas by the Maritime Museum

Ordinance 619

Vacation a Portion of 2nd Avenue

Ordinance 620

Rental Unit Registration Amendment

Ordinance 621

Criminal Background Checks

Ordinance 622

Erosion and sediment control

Ordinance 623

Annexing property located adjacent to Cardinal Lane (Douglas County, Owner)

Ordinance 624

Rezoning certain areas along 34th Avenue

Ordinance 625

Amending Sections 5.01 and 5.02 of Chapter 5

Ordinance 626

Rezoning areas along Nokomis Street

Ordinance 627

Establish Mayor and City Council Compensation

Ordinance 628

Rezoning East Side of CSAH 106/Pioneer Road (Knute Nelson)

Ordinance 629

Rezoning East Side of CSAH106/Pioneer Road (LBR Properties)

Ordinance 630

Vacating A Public Alleyway

Ordinance 631

Annexating Property Adjacent to Cross Country Lane (Nadeau, Owner)

Ordinance 632

Annexing Property Adjacent to Cross Country Lane (Zavadil Development)

Ordinance 633

Shoreland Alteration Permits

Ordinance 634

Amending Ordinance 631

Ordinance 635

Amending Ordinance 632

Ordinance 636

Annexing Property Along Ridgewood Drive

Ordinance 637

Animal Control & Licensing Redemption

Ordinance 638

Mechanical Contractors/Installers License

Ordinance 639


Ordinance 640

Vacate a portion of the utility easement in Franzens Westwood Addition

Ordinance 641

Zavadil Development 2A

Ordinance 642

Zavadil Development 2B

Ordinance 643

Zavadil Development 2C

Ordinance 644

Rezoning Certain Areas Along Oak Street

Ordinance 645

Wind Energy Conversion Systems

Ordinance 646

Zoning Text Amendment for Assessory Building Or Use, Outdoor Storage/Display, and Lake Andrew

Ordinance 647

Connection Charges

Ordinance 648

Amending Mayor and City Council Salaries

Ordinance 649

Special Use Vehicles

Ordinance 650

Amending Ord. 645 to correct numbering sequence in City Code

Ordinance 651

Fee Schedule for various licenses and permits

Ordinance 652

Vacating a portion of an un-named street

Ordinance 653

Amending Section 6.09 to "four-fifths" vote

Ordinance 654

Amend 2.17 Cultural Inclusiveness Committee

Ordinance 655

Rezoning certain areas along Glenn Road

Ordinance 656

Storm Water Management

Ordinance 657

Amend Fee Schedule (Natural/LP Gas Leaks)

Ordinance 658

Rezoning PUD Douglas County

Ordinance 659

Rescinding Section 4.31 related to tattoos, body piercing, body branding, and body scarificaiton

Ordinance 660

Annexation property located along Latoka Drive (West Central Communities Action)

Ordinance 661

Establish Arts Advisory Committee

Ordinance 662

Tobacco Licensing

Ordinance 663

Rezoning property along Dakota Street

Ordinance 664

Amending Mayor and City Council Salaries

Ordinance 665

Rescinding Section 2.14 - Police Advisory Committee

Ordinance 666

Fee Schedule 2011

Ordinance 667

Amending Fee Schedule

Ordinance 668

Vacating 18th Avenue in "Johnson Estates"

Ordinance 669

Rezoning areas along 17th Ave to allow for a PUD

Ordinance 670

2012 Fee Schedule

Ordinance 671

Amend Peddler's License

Ordinance 672

On-Sale Liquor Closing to 2:00 a.m.

Ordinance 673

Amending Alexandria Cable Commission

Ordinance 674


Ordinance 675

Amend Section 2.35 - Ward Boundaries

Ordinance 676

Employment and License Background Checks

Ordinance 677

Amending Nuisances Chapter 9.55

Ordinance 678

Rezoning property (Stonemanor) for PUD

Ordinance 679

Amending City Council and Mayor Salaries

Ordinance 680

Annexing property located along 11th Avenue West

Ordinance 681

2013 Fee Schedule

Ordinance 682

Cable TV Franchise

Ordinance 683

Establishing a Legislative Committee

Ordinance 684

Rezoning - McKay Avenue between 6th and 9th Avenues

Ordinance 685

Rezoning - T.H. 29 North Frontage Road

Ordinance 686

Annexing property along Toleno Road

Ordinance 687

Amending Ord. No. 686 to modify the reimbursement

Ordinance 688

Establishing a personnel committee

Ordinance 689

Regulating Partition or Boundary Fences

Ordinance 690

Paulson Annexation

Ordinance 693

Portable Storage

Ordinance 694

Lake Winona

Ordinance 695

Center Point Energy

Ordinance 696

Gas Energy Franchise Fee

Ordinance 697

Vacating Alleyway between 2nd/3rd Ave and Hawthorne/Irving

Ordinance 698

Amend City Code 10.04 Subdivision 3

Ordinance 699

Amending Ordinance 688 - Personnel Committee

Ordinance 700

Amending Chapter 3 of City Code - Beer and Liquor Licensing and Regulations

Ordinance 701

Annexation of Westwood Drive

Ordinance 702

Annexation of Bay Lane (Thompson)

Ordinance 703

Annexation of Meadow Lane / Donna Drive

Ordinance 704

Amending Chapter 3 of City Code - Beer and Liquor Licensing and Regulations

Ordinance 705

Annexation of Tabbert Road

Ordinance 709

Tobacco licensing amendments

Ordinance 710

Taxi cab amendments

Ordinance 711

Issuance of licenses amendments

Ordinance 713

Annex property along West Meadow Lane

Ordinance 714

Home Rule Charter - Certain Enumerated Powers

Ordinance 715

Home Rule Charter - Meetings of the City Council

Ordinance 716

Home Rule Charter - Voting Ayes & Nayes

Ordinance 717

Home Rule Charter - Nominations & Elections

Ordinance 718

Home Rule Charter - Accounting, Annual Audit

Ordinance 719

Home Rule Charter - Regulation of Rates

Ordinance 720

Amend Chapter 5 - Updating Building Code References

Ordinance 721

Vacating public ways - Sunset Memorial Park

Ordinance 722

Stormwater 2015

Ordinance 723

Amend Taxicab Driver License

Ordinance 724

Authorize LAEDC to finance housing program

Ordinance 725

On-Sale Liquor Licenses hours of operation

Ordinance 726

Mobile Food Trucks/Vendors

Ordinance 727

2015 Fee Schedule

Ordinance 728

RCC Commission

Ordinance 729

Storm Water Utility Fees

Ordinance 730

Storm Water Utility Fees

Ordinance 731

Annexation - Property along Westwood Drive

Ordinance 732

Home Rule Charter - Health Dept

Ordinance 733

Home Rule Charter - Planning Dept

Ordinance 734

Home Rule Charter - Library Board

Ordinance 735

Home Rule Charter - Park and Recreation Board

Ordinance 736

Home Rule Charter - Fire Dept

Ordinance 737

Home Rule Charter - Airport Commission

Ordinance 738

Tobacco and Electronic Deliver Device Use in Public Parks

Ordinance 739

Snow Removal on Public Sidewalks on Broadway Street

Ordinance 740

Semi trailer parking on Broadway

Ordinance 741

2016 Fee Schedule

Ordinance 742

Rezoning property along Nokomis Street

Ordinance 743

Municipal Primary Election

Ordinance 744

Placement of waste and recycling containers between collection dates

Ordinance 745

Liquor licensing amendments (3.01, 3.07 and 3.14)

Ordinance 746

Annexing property along Bay Lane/Tolena Road (Fath)

Ordinance 747

Amending Chapter 10 - Create a Central Business District Overlay District

Ordinance 748

Annexing Property along Karnis Drive (Hocum)

Ordinance 749

Opting out of the requirements of Mn Statutes 462.3593

Ordinance 750

Amend Section 10.04, Subd 2 Rezoning along Rosewood Lane for PUD

Ordinance 751

Wellhead Protection Overlay Districts

Ordinance 752

Annexing Property along Donna Drive (C & R Investments)

Ordinance 753

Amend Section 5.08 - Rental Until Registration and Inspection

Ordinance 754

Amend Section 2.40 - Mayor and City Council Compensation

Ordinance 755

Amend Ord. No. 748 Annexing property along Karnis Drive (Hocum)

Ordinance 756

Amend Section 9.58, Obstruction of Public Way

Ordinance 757

Amend Section 10.03 - Regulat Solar Energy Systems

Ordinance 758

Resciding Section 2.17 - Establishing the EDB

Ordinance 759

Ordinance 760

Home Rule Charter Amendment - Section 4.02. Special Elections.

Ordinance 761

Ordinance 762

Ordinance 763

Ordinance 764

Ordinance 765

Ordinance 766

License fees and public hearing - renewal application

Ordinance 767

Noise - Outdoor Music

Ordinance 768

Rescinding section 4.32 of the Alexandria City Code regarding dances

Ordinance 769

Parking restrictions for single- and two-family dwellings

Ordinance 770

amending the city code section 10.24 for the purposes of clarifying the placement of non-commercial speech signs on city property

Ordinance 771

Vacating 42nd Avenue as dedicated within the plat of "fourth addition of airport industrial park"

Pothole Repair Policy

An important part of street maintenance is the repair of potholes.

Special Use Vehicle Map

Street Sweeping Policy

The City of Alexandria finds that it is in the best interest of the residents for the City to assume basic responsibility of sweeping City streets.

Chapter 1

Definitions and general provisions applicable to entire city code including penalty for violation

Chapter 1 – Table of Contents

Definitions and General Provisions Applicable to Entire City Code Including Penalty for Violation

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Table of Contents

Land Use Regulations (Zoning)

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Table of Contents

Subdivision Regulation

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Table of Contents

Stormwater Management

Chapter 13

Uncoded Ordinances in Effect

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Table of Contents

Administration and General Government

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Table of Contents

Beer and Liquor Licensing and Regulation

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Table of Contents

Business Licensing and Regulation Generally

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – table of contents

Housing and Building Code, Permits and Regulations

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Table of Contents

Streets and Sidewalks Generally

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Table of Contents

Traffic and Parking Regulations

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Table of Contents


Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Table of Contents

Public Protection, Crimes and Offenses