Metal Pickup Day

Alexandria Metal Pickup Day, Spring 2020

(To print out this form, click here:  SPRING 2020 – ALEXANDRIA METAL PICK UP DAY )

As an incentive to help city residents clean up their property this spring, the City of Alexandria and Alex Rubbish & Recycling have partnered together to designate Tuesday, April 28th as free metal pick up day.

People with metal objects they want to get rid of can place the items on their boulevard and have them carted away at no charge. (NOTE: televisions and computers will not be accepted).

You must fill out this agreement form and mail or deliver it to City Hall, 704 Broadway. Forms will not be accepted after 4:30 p.m. on Monday, April 27th. Telephone requests for this service will not be accepted. Only residential customers within Alexandria City Limits are eligible.

*There is one day in the spring and one day in the fall every year for metal pick up.

(Commercial customers are not eligible).


The undersigned applies to the City of Alexandria for removal of the following metal items or objects on, or about April 28, 2020:


The items are located at (street address):


The undersigned warrants that he/she owns or has rights to the item(s).  In consideration of this service, at no charge from the City of Alexandria, the undersigned does hereby release and agree to hold the City harmless for any claims made by himself/herself, their family, or residents of property owned by him/her in connection with any losses or injuries arising from the removal of said property.



Signature __________________________________           Date ___________________________________

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