Rental Registration

Rental Registration Program

The City of Alexandria regulates residential rental unit registration and inspection.  Each residential rental unit (house, apartment, condominium, townhouse, room or group of rooms), which is leased or rented for occupancy (and not licensed as a bed and breakfast, short-term vacation rental of 30 days or less, hotel, motel, or resort), must be annually registered with the City in order for it to continue to be so occupied.

All renewals are due by November 15, 2019. Complete the registration form for each rental property you own and return it along with the registration fee to:

Alexandria City Hall, ATTN: Brenda, 704 Broadway, Alexandria, MN  56308

The annual registration fee schedule is as follows:

  • Seven (7) or fewer rental units on a single site: $20.00/per unit
  • Eight (8) or more rental units on a single site: $15.00/per unit
  • Units that are currently eligible for HUD Section 8 or IRS 4D occupancy based on a current certificate: $7.50/per unit (proof needs to be submitted with form).

The rental registration program provides a way to identify and quantify rental units within the City to help ensure that rental properties are properly and safely maintained. Another useful resource is Landlords and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities prepared by the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General.

Required to Register

Any property owner that rents any portion of their property as living quarters is required to register, including property occupied by the owner with rooms rented to unrelated boarders.

  • Please note the City Council has authorized a late registration fee of triple the above-referenced fees. (An example is: $20.00/per unit plus $60.00 late fee = $80.00.)
  • Please use one form per rental address as all addresses are linked to their parcel identification numbers.
  • Note that previous registration of a rental unit or units does not confer continuous rights to renewal. This is an annual renewal process which runs each calendar year from January 1st through December 31st.
  • If you no longer are renting a property, please complete the non-rental certification section of the form and sign off on the bottom as indicated. The property will then be removed from the master list.
  • Note that the granting of a registration certificate is not a certification of zoning compliance.  Rental registration application and certification is subordinate to the City’s Zoning Ordinance.


The City does conduct annual training for landlords/property managers. There is no fee for this training, conducted in January and April, but space is limited. To reserve a spot, contact Brenda Johnson at 320-759-3621 or [email protected]. (2020 dates yet to be determined).


Landlords and Tenants – State of Minnesota information Rights and Responsibilities


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