ALP Utilities

ALP Utilities is Alexandria’s municipal utility which serves residents with electric service, city water service and business communications.

ALP Utilities not only provides essential services, it also powers the success of our community.

ALP is governed by local friends and neighbors. This keeps decision making closer to where customers live and closer to their best interests. ALP also employs people and gives back to the community in many ways with affordable and dependable service; local control; accountability to customers; quick response times; not-for-profit structure; safety and environmentally conscious practices; and face to face customer service.

A municipal utility not only means better reliability at a reasonable cost, it also means decisions about your service are made right in your community. ALP Utilities is Public Power.

ALP does business as the Board of Public Works, which was established in 1889. Their first water tower was built in 1936 and their fiber optic network began in 2000. 

ALP’s mission is to provide their customers with safe and reliable electric, water, business communications and other utility services in an environmentally and financially responsible manner.

For more information, please visit ALP Utilities website: or call their business office at: 320.763.6501.

Dept Contact Info

Phone: 320-763-6501
316 Filmore St, Alexandria, MN 56308