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Please be advised, Alexandria Township permits are processed at  324 Broadway, Suite 101, phone number 320-759-5300.


Community Development

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Right-of-Way Permits

Special Event Permits

GatherGuard – Event Liability Insurance - GatherGuard protects you - and your city - from claims during your event.
Special Event Permit - Complete this application if you are having an event in the City.
Map #1 – Big Ole Central Park-2nd Ave - (use this map if your event will be in Big Ole Central Park and/or 2nd Avenue)
Map #2 – Central Lakes Trail - (use this map if your event will be using the Central Lakes Trail)
Map #4 – Downtown Area - (use this map if your event will be in the downtown area)
Map #5 – RCC floor plan - (use this map for events that take place inside the RCC)

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