Employee Spotlight: Reed Heidelberger

By Sara Stadtherr | April 16, 2018

Why work in city government, specifically in Alexandria?  My answer isn’t very exciting, but I believe it’s true:  working for city government provides dependable employment that also enables you to be a part of supporting the community! Share a memory of a time you felt proud to be in local government.  Any time I’m able…

Public Hearing to Discuss Proposed Amendments to the Alexandria City Code related to Tobacco Licensing and Regulation

By Sara Stadtherr | April 13, 2018

On March 26, 2017, the City Council directed staff to set a public hearing to discuss the proposed amendments.  The public hearing will be held on Monday, Mary 14, 2018 at 7:15 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at Alexandria City Hall, located at 704 Broadway. The amendment deals with sections of the ordinance regarding…

Assessing Report 2018

By Sara Stadtherr | April 13, 2018

Please see the attached document to learn more about the City of Alexandria’s Assessing Department in 2018.   2018 City of Alexandria Assessing Department Annual Report

Employee Spotlight: Bill Thoennes

By Sara Stadtherr | April 9, 2018

Why work in city government, specifically in Alexandria? It is very enjoyable serving the residents and visitors of Alexandria. Alexandria is such a great place to raise a family and for visitors to see what the area has to offer. I enjoy making Alexandria a safer and better community to live, work and visit. The…

2018 Spring Metal Pickup Day

By Brenda Johnson | March 30, 2018

Alexandria Metal pick up day, Spring 2018. As an incentive to help city residents clean up their property this spring, the City of Alexandria and Alex Rubbish & Recycling have partnered together to designate Tuesday, April 24th as free metal pick up day. People with metal objects they want to get rid of can place…


By Sara Stadtherr | March 30, 2018

1.10. Administrative Search Warrants. If access to any part of a premises within the City of Alexandria has been refused and, upon a demonstration of probable cause to believe that there may be a violation of any applicable ordinance or law, or that there is a need to inspect and/or sample as part of an…

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